Bitcoin Network Total Emissions

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Bitcoin Mining Total Emissions

Measures the estimated annual scope 1 and scope 2 emissions of the Bitcoin network per year.

Emissions are measured according to their scope. Scope 1 refers to direct emissions from sources that an organisation owns or controls. Bitcoin miners like eVs run on electricity. The Bitcoin network therefore has no direct (scope1) emissions.

Scope 2 emissions refers to emissions from consuming purchased electricity, heat and cooling. Bitcoin mining produces negative scope 2 emissions when the power source mitigates flared/vented methane. It has positive scope2 emissions when the power source was generated wholly or in part using fossil fuel power-plants.


Annual Emissions (Mt CO2e/year)


Research into a complete model of Bitcoin emissions and energy sources first appeared on 1 Nov 2022 via a tweet by Daniel Batten. At the time he promised a full report on the new model he was developing, which made its first appearance in Bitcoin Magazine on 19 Feb 2023.

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Author : @woonomic